Business Auto

As a business owner, you’re passionate about what you do. That’s why we offer business auto insurance solutions specifically designed for companies just like yours.

Auto Insurance For Businesses

Choice Insurance Agency defines small businesses as privately owned corporations, partnerships and sole proprietorships with anywhere from one to 100 employees that typically operate everyday vehicles such as pickup trucks, vans, cars and SUVs.

If you work in the towing services or trucking industries, please visit the tow truck insurance or truck insurance sections to learn about unique products and features Choice Insurance Agency offers to meet your small business insurance needs.

Choosing Insurance For A Business

Choice Insurance Agency divides small businesses into more industry-specific categories, allowing us to provide you with targeted auto insurance for businesses. To learn more about how we can help protect your business, view businesses we insure.

Business Auto Insurance Resources

Choice Insurance Agency provides the following resources if you have questions about small business auto insurance:

Frequently asked questions – Get fast answers to common small business auto insurance questions.

Special Needs Business Auto Insurance

Every business has unique needs, so Choice Insurance provides special business auto insurance solutions and helpful advice for the following:

Seasonal business vehicle insurance – If your small business only operates during specific months of the year, we offer seasonal small business auto insurance products and services just for you.

New business vehicle insurance – If you are about to start a business, or your business is still in its first year or two of operation, you can get advice and learn about auto insurance for a business like your new venture.